MEGA Birthday Parties


Length of Time:   90 min/party & 20 min/set up

When: Saturdays & Sundays

What's it include: 20 minutes of Lobby pre-party set up time (gym is off limits during this time)

                    *45 minutes of Playtime followed by cake in the lobby 

                    *Cake in lobby area followed by presents in the gym 

                    *Presents in the Gym followed by more playtime and cleanup


                                Lil'Gym $140+tax  ($153.65) (Ideal for Babies up to 8 years old)

                                      (20 minute set up/90 minute Party)


Party Time L1:   10:30-12 (optional set up time 10:10-10:30)

Party Time l2:   1-2:30 (optional set up time 12:40-1)

Party Time l3:   3:30-5 (optional set up time 3:10-3:30)

Party Time l4:   6-7:30 (optional set up time 5:40-6)



Party Time l5:  1:30-3 (optional set up time 1:10-1:30)

Party Time l6:  3:30-5:00 (optional set up time 3:10-3:30)



Big'Gym $175+tax ($192.06) (ideal for 6 & up)

      (20 minute set up/90 minute Party)


Party Time B1:   12:30-2 (optional set up time 12:10-12:30)

Party Time b2:   2:30-4 (optional set up time 2:10-2:30)

Party Time b3:   4:30-6 (optional set up time 4:10-4:30)

Party Time b4:   6:30-8(optional set up time 6:10-6:30)


Party Time b5:  1-2:30 (optional set up time 12:40-1)

Party Time b6:  3-4:30 (optional set up time 2:40-3)

**All food and drinks stay in the lobby area.

*all kids must sign a liability waiver

**snaps, zippers, Buttons on** pants/shorts

will not be permitted on equipment

Click Pencil for Liability Waiver Form

Birthday Parties  can be reserved over the phone but will not be secured until payment & Reservation form are submitted
*forms can be found in either gym lobby