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MEGA Birthday Parties



When: Saturdays & Sundays

Length of Time:   May arrive 15 minutes early to set up (gym is off limits during this time)
                                       **if arriving more than 15 minutes early, you will be asked to stay outside
 *60 minutes of Playtime

 *presents after 1 hour of play time

 *after presents, time for cake/food in eating area.  (gym is now off limits)

                                               **All food and drinks stay in the lobby area.

                                               *every child must have waiver signed by parent/legal guardian. 

                                               **snaps, zippers, Buttons on** pants/shorts will not be permitted on equipment





                                 Lil'Gym $140+tax  ($153.65) 

                                             Lil' Gym is ideal for Babies to 7 yrs old-Price is for 10 kids

If your party has more than 10 kids, please contact the gym so we can have more staff available. All food must stay in the lobby. The MEGA 2 lobby is space limited. If you are going to have more than a total of 16 (kids & Adults) you may wish to consider parties in MEGA 1. If you have older 'kid' family members, they will not be permitted to play on the 'little kid' equipment at MEGA 2 parties.


Party Time L1:   10:00-11:30 (optional set up time 9:45-10)

Party Time L2:   12:00-1:30 (optional set up time 11:45-12)

Party Time l3:   2:00-3:30 (optional set up time 1:45-2)

Party Time l4:   4:00-5:30 (optional set up time 3:45-4)

Party Time l5:   6-7:30 (optional set up time 5:45-6)



Party Time l6:  1:00-2:30 (optional set up time 12:45-1)

Party Time l7:  3:00-4:30 (optional set up time 2:45-3)


Big'Gym $175+tax ($192.06) (ideal for 5 to 12)

                                             Big Gym is ideal for 6 yrs old and up-Price is for 20 kids.

                                             If your party has more than 20 kids, please contact the gym so we can have more staff available.


Party Time B1:   12:30-2 (optional set up time 12:15-12:30)

Party Time b2:   2:30-4 (optional set up time 2:15-2:30)

Party Time b3:   4:30-6 (optional set up time 4:15-4:30)

Party Time b4:   6:30-8(optional set up time 6:15-6:30)


Party Time b5:  1:30-3:00 (optional set up time 1:15-1:30)

Party Time b6:  3:30-5:00 (optional set up time 3:15-3:30)

All New **Parties are reserved through the
Party Reservation - Parent Portal

Once on website Click 'Booking' to see availabilities


Click Pencil for Liability Waiver Form

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