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Summer 2022
June 6 - Aug 5

8 Weeks of Summer Classes
No classes 7/1-7/10 *Happy Independence Day

*Call MEGA for Team Information
Fee is for entire summer (not monthly)
Classes not found on our Parent Portal were dropped due to low enrollment. 
Waitlists-Full classes allow you to get added to a waitlist.

Summer Camps at MEGA

Camps are 1-3pm for all boys & girls 5 & up

Camps are a great way to learn new skills & tighten up existing skills

$75 for 8 hours of crazy, fun Gymnastics crammed into 1 week

          6/6-6/9  HANDSPRING CAMP        5yrs-11yrs for this 4 day camp.   $75

                          Register/pay by 5/18 to receive a free t-shirt

          6/20-6/23  NINJA SKILZ CAMP       5yrs & up for this 4 day camp.   $75

                          Register/pay by 6/6 to receive a free t-shirt

          7/18-21  GYMNASTICS CAMP        5yrs & up for this 4 day camp.   $75        

                          Register/pay by 6/21 to receive a free t-shirt

          7/25-28  NINJA SKILZ CAMP   5yrs & up for this 4 day camp.   $75

                         Register/pay by 7/1 to receive a free t-shirt

*each camp will have a unique shirt specially designed for that group of gymnasts

*Family Max plan does not include Camps



     Thursday @6pm (6-7 yr old)

     Thursday @ 7pm (8 & up)


Girls Gymnastics 1


Must be 6yrs by 9/1/22

     Monday @4pm

     Monday @5pm

     Tuesday @5pm

     Wednesday @5pm

     Thursday @6pm


Girls Gymnastics 2


     Monday @4pm

     Tuesday @4pm

     Tuesday @6pm

Girls Gymnastics 3&4


     Monday @6:15pm

     Thursday @5pm

Tumbling Beginner


     Wednesday @5pm

*must have standing backbend, backward roll and cartwheel.

Tumbling Cheer/Dance


     Wednesday @6pm

*must have Back Handspring. Class focus on standing aerials, tucks & combinations

Tot & Me

(Toddler-3yr) $70

Parent assisted gymnastics

        Monday @ 5:15pm

        Monday @ 6:30pm

3 yr old Gymnastics

3yr old & without Parent $90

     Monday @ 5:45pm

     Tuesday @ 4pm

     Tuesday @ 6pm

     Thursday @10am

Choose the class that fits your schedule & Sign up. 

2nd class receives 20% discount

Boys Gymnastics


     Tuesday @6pm (6&up)

4-5 yr old Gymnastics


Must be 4 or 5 by 9/1/22

     Monday @5:10pm

     Tuesday @5pm

     Tuesday @6pm

      Thursday @ 9am

Tumbling Advanced


     Tuesday @7pm

*must be 11+ yrs & ready for Twisting skills

**must have min 5 signed up

Summer Class Fees: (fee is for entire Summer Session, not monthly)

Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4 - 55 minute classes     $110/Summer Session

Boys Gymnastics - 55 minute Classes     $110/Summer Session

Ninja Classes - 55 minute classes     $110/Summer Session

Tot & Me - 30 minute classes     $70/Summer Session

3 yr old - 45 minute classes     $90/Summer Session

*10% Discount for Siblings          *20% Discount for 2nd class

Additional Classes will be added as needed/requested

Classes with 3 or fewer enrolled will be rescheduled

Family Discounts -

Student class max: $320 (session)   Family max: $450 (session) (must all live in same home)

13 E. Jackson

McAlester, OK 74501

Tel: 918-820-2451

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