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MEGA Gymnastics "McAlester Elite Gymnastics Academy" is a Christ centered environment dedicated to providing quality instruction in the sport of gymnastics. We take pride in teaching kids at all skill levels the fundamentals of gymnastics as well as advanced skills for the competitive gymnast.


Coach Heidi was a competitive gymnast in her youth and began coaching in 1982. She received her teaching degree from Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio. Following Gods call on her life, she then moved to Oklahoma in 1995 to attend Rhema Bible Training Center. 

Coach T (Mike), a former Texas A&M gymnast, began his coaching career in 1978. He's held certifications as a Men's and Women's judge, special needs gymnastics and has successfully coached Preschool through Elite Level Gymnastics.

Both coaches competed in the Bedford, Texas School District, both spent time in Ohio and both found their way to Oklahoma in the '90's. Ironically, they never crossed paths until 2000 when Heidi put her children in gymnastics at Tulsa World of Gymnastics and began coaching for them.

Both would have lives that took them in different directions, Heidi as a youth pastor and homeschool mom, Mike as a gymnastics and diving coach in Tulsa, Muskogee and Bartlesville.

In 2011, Heidi opened Big C.A.T.S. Gymnastics in Atoka and in 2018 sold it to coaches Doug & Melissa Grace. In early 2016, Heidi opened McAlester's MEGA Gymnastics.


God being God and doing what He does best, inspired courage in these two to make an appointment to talk about gymnastics programming and equipment in the Fall of 2016. That meeting led to phone calls that turned into sharing and praying. In the Spring of 2017 the 2 married and now coach side by side, loving every moment and thanking God for the chance to share their passion and His glory with all the children that enter MEGA Gymnastics.

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Coach Jodi has been a MEGA coach since 2016. Her daughter, Kinsler is on our upper level teams and son Rockie is a retired competitive gymnast and gymnastics coach. Banker by day, Gymnastics Coach by night. Jodi was a competitive gymnast in her youth and now blesses our kids with her knowledge and expertise.

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Coach Aaron, aka as Pastor Aaron (Crowder Church of Christ), aka Offical Gymnastics Judge, aka husband to wife Erin. He blesses our team gymnasts with his knowledge and expertise. He is also the father to competitive gymnast Hazel and daughter Clara.

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Coach Julie came for the adults gymnastics class and found her love in coaching gymnastics. She is the homeschool mom to 4 amazing kids (2 are competitive gymnasts).

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Coach Lexi has been with us since 2021 . As a Varsity Cheerleader we initially plugged her in to our tumbling classes but found she has a remarkable way in motivating and building our kids. This College student coaches in our rec and teams programs.


Coach Jenifer, prior Head coach, retired state champion gymnast, mom of 2 and daughter of MEGA Owners. She moved to McAlester in 2023 to help train our McAlester gymnasts.

Coach AJ is currently on our Upper Level Boys team so his coaching time is limited. His work ethic and devotion to gymnastics encourages greatness all those around him.

Coach Taylor has been coaching at MEGA since 2022. She is hearing impared but doesn't let that define her. She is 100% invested in the children she coaches (and is an impecable lip reader).

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Coach Michael was a classically trained dancer and Hip Hop Dancer. He has taught all styles of dance in the Tulsa area along with gymnastics recreational through optional level Teams.

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Coach Jake, a retired competitive Gymnast, with 10 years of ninja course experience. He began coaching at MEGA in 2022. His experience and willingness to learn makes him irreplaceable.

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Coach Madi, a retired State Champion competitive coach and busy high school student has been coaching since 2022. A sister to 3 siblings and amazing parents, she is amazing with our gymnasts


Coach Bucky, father of a competitive gymnast, has been coaching and ministering to our team girls for years and most recently our Adult Gymnastics Program. In his spare time he is the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Muskogee, an OK Environmental Specialist, a Taxidermist, a Butcher, a rancher, an OK Reserve Officer. Special shout out to his wife, Amanda for sharing this man of many talents with our MEGA Family.

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Coach Jonah was a USAG Competitive Gymnast in his youth and then followed his next love into the Competitive world of cheer where he was a college & worlds cheerleader.

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Coach Rhyatt, a busy high school student and retired competitive gymnast has been coaching our teams and rec classes since 2022. She has a heart for missions and gymnastics and is an asset to our MEGA Family.

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Angie is our MEGA Office Manager. We often give her a hard time but we would be lost without her each evening to field parent questions and run our MEGA Proshop. Incredibly driven and independant, she does not let being tied to a wheelchair get in her way.

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