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Session 1:  August  7 -to- November 4th


No Gymnastics on Labor Day or Fall Break (October 16-21)


**Annual Registration Fee  $25 per family

 Prices below are for 3 month session and are 10% cheaper than monthly installments - those wishing to pay installments for session must do so in person during afternoon office hours.  

Girls *Dress Code-Leotard (no sports bra/1/2 tank with shorts)
No ballet skirts. Compression type shorts may be worn over leo
Boys-Compression shirt or T-shirt that tucks in & shorts

Choose the class that fits your schedule & Sign up. 

2nd class receives 20% discount

Babies - Kindergarten

Tot & Me

(Toddler-3yr) $110

Parent assisted gymnastics

        Monday @ 5:30pm

        Monday @ 6:10pm

       Tuesday @ 6:40pm

Mini -MEGA

3yr old & without Parent $140

     Mon      4:30pm

     Tues     5:00pm

     Tues     5:50pm



4-5 yr old Gymnastics


Must be 4 or 5 by 9/1/23

     Monday @ 5:15pm

     Monday @ 6:15pm

     Tuesday @ 4pm

     Tuesday @5pm

     Thursday @5pm

     Thursday @6pm

Boys Gymnastics


     Tuesday @ 4pm (6&up)

Ninja (K5-1st Graders) boys & girls

$140 (45 min)

 MEGA Mini Ninja (K5-1st Grade) 

           Thursday @4:15pm 

MEGA Ninja (1st grade - 5th grade)

             Thursday @5:00pm

Adult Gymnastics

$37 Women - Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm

$24 Men - Thursdays @ 7pm

Tumbling ... An Intro (K5-5th grade)


     Thursday     5:00-5:45pm

     Thursday     5:45-6:30pm

*Tumbling 'an intro' is for children currently in K5 through 5th grade. Focusing on  forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, back bends.

Tumbling 1


     Tuesday @6pm

     Wednesday @5pm

*must have standing backbend and be able to kick over.

Tumbling 2 


     Wednesday @5pm

*must have Round Off Back Handspring.

Tumbling Advanced


     Monday @7:30pm

*must be 10+ yrs & have Round Off Back Handspring

**must have min 5 signed up

Tumbling -beginner 9th-12th grade
$140 (45 minutes)

     Thursday @ 7pm

Girls Gymnastics 1


Must be 6yrs by 9/1/23

     Monday @4pm

     Monday @5pm

     Tuesday @6pm

     Wednesday @4pm

     Wednesday @5pm

     Thursday @4pm


Girls Gymnastics 2


     Monday @5:15pm

     Monday @6pm

     Tuesday @4pm

     Thursday @5pm

Girls Gymnastics 3


     Monday @7pm     

     Tuesday @5pm    

     Thursday @6pm

Session 1 Fees: fee is for entire Entire Session, not monthly

Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4 - 55 minute classes     

Boys Gymnastics - 55 minute Classes     

Ninja Classes - 45 minute classes     

Tot & Me - 30 minute classes    

3 yr old - 45 minute classes    

$25 annual Registration

Once a class makes-there are no refunds for the session. If a families schedule changes we will honor class day/time transfers if there is room in the new class.

Additional Classes will be added as needed/requested

Classes with 3 or fewer enrolled will be rescheduled

Family Discounts

Student #                              Class #1                     Class #2                     Class #3 & on

Student #1                        no discount          20% discount               40% discount

Student #2                        20% discount        30% discount               40% discount

Student #3 (&more)     30% discount       40% discount               40% discount

Girls Gymnastics 4


     Wednesday @5:15pm

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