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Session 3:  Feb 19 - May 15th

Tuition  due at time of registration

No Gymnastics Spring Break - March 16-24

Parent Showcase May 13, 14, 15 (times tba)

*All enrolled children will do an exhibition for their families and receive a medal*

Babies - Kindergarten

Tot & Me

(Toddler-3yr) $110

Parent assisted gymnastics

        Monday @ 5:30pm

        Monday @ 6:10pm

        Monday @ 6:50pm

Mini -MEGA

3-4yr old & without Parent $140

     Mon      4:30pm

     Mon      6:00pm

     Tues     5:00pm

     Tues     5:50pm


Boys Gymnastics


     Tuesday @ 4pm (6&up)


K4-K5 yr old Gymnastics


Must be 4 or 5 by 9/1/23

     Monday @ 5:20pm

     Monday @ 6:30pm

     Tuesday @ 4pm

     Tuesday @5pm

     Thursday @5pm

     Thursday @6pm

Ninja (K5-1st Graders) boys & girls

$140 (45 min)

 MEGA Mini Ninja (K5-1st Grade) 

           Thursday @4:15pm 

MEGA Ninja (1st grade - 5th grade)

             Thursday @5pm

Adult Gymnastics

$37 Women - Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm

Session 1 Fees: fee is for entire Entire Session, not monthly

Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4 - 55 minute classes     

Boys Gymnastics - 55 minute Classes     

Ninja Classes - 45 minute classes     

Tot & Me - 30 minute classes    

3 yr old - 45 minute classes    

$25 annual Registration

Once a class makes-there are no refunds for the session. If a families schedule changes we will honor class day/time transfers if there is room in the new class.

Additional Classes will be added as needed/requested

Classes with 3 or fewer enrolled will be rescheduled

Family Discounts

Student #                              Class #1                     Class #2                     Class #3 & on

Student #1                        no discount          20% discount               40% discount

Student #2                        20% discount        30% discount               40% discount

Student #3 (&more)     30% discount       40% discount               40% discount

Classes for 1st grade and up Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4 & Tumbling 1, 2, 3 

Tumbling ... An Intro (K5-5th grade)


     Monday      6-6:45pm   (cancelled)

     Thursday    5:15-6pm

     Thursday    6-6:45pm (cancelled)

*Beginner tumblers-Focusing on rolls, cartwheels, round offs, back bends & walkovers

Girls Gymnastics 1


     Monday @4pm (cancelled)

     Monday @5pm

     Tuesday @6pm

     Wednesday @4pm (cancelled)

     Wednesday @5pm (cancelled)

     Thursday @4pm (cancelled)

Tumbling...An Intro (6th-12th grade)
$140 (45 minutes)

     Monday @ 6:45pm  (cancelled)
*Beginner tumblers-Focusing on rolls, cartwheels, round offs, back bends & walkovers

Tumbling 1


     Monday @ 6:30pm

     Tuesday @ 7pm

     Wednesday @ 5pm

*must have  backbend, Round-off &  Cartwheel

Girls Gymnastics 2


     Monday @5:15pm

     Monday @6pm

     Tuesday @4pm (cancelled)

     Thursday @5pm

Tumbling 2 


     Monday @ 6:15pm

     Wednesday @ 6pm (cancelled)

*must have Back Handspring.

Tumbling 3


     Monday @7:15pm (cancelled)

     Wednesday @ 5pm

*must have Round Off Back Handspring

Girls Gymnastics 3


     Monday @6:15p  

     Monday @7pm     

     Tuesday @5pm  (cancelled)   

     Thursday @6pm

Girls Gymnastics 4


     Monday @5pm

Tumbling 4


     Monday @7:30pm

*must have Round Off Back Tuck

Choose the class that fits your schedule & Sign up. 

2nd class receives 20% discount

*Because you signed up for a session, there is no dropping. If your schedule has changed, we can transfer if there is room another class. 

Refunds are never given but credits will stay on accounts for 1 full year to be used for future tuition. 


If the class you want is full or closed, ADD your name to that class wait list through the parent portal online registration. Classes that get 3 on the wait list will receive an additional coach and will then open up for your child.

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