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Session 2:  Nov 14 -to- Feb 24

If you sign up for "Session 2" you are enrolled for 3 months into a MEGA Gymnastics Class and responsible for 3 tuition payments

**Annual Registration Fee  $25 per family


Girls *Dress Code-Leotard (no sports bra/1/2 tank with shorts)
No ballet skirts. Compression type shorts may be worn over leo
Boys-Compression shirt or T-shirt that tucks in & shorts

Annual Registration fees are due at time of enrollment

#1 Tuition Payment Due @ enrollment

#2 Tuition Payment Due 12/16

#3 Tuition Payment Due 1/27

No Gymnastics 11/21-11/25 & 12/19-12/31

Babies - Kindergarten

Boys Gymnastics

Tot's & Me

18-36 month


​Mon     5:10-5:40pm

Mon     5:50-6:20pm

Mini-MEGA's - 3 yr olds Preschool


Mon      4:35-5:20pm

Tues     5:15-6:0opm

Tues     6:00-6:45pm

Thurs  10:00-10:45am

Kinder-MEGA's -4-5 yr old

*age as of 9/1/22

K4 & K5


Mon     5:30-6:25pm

Mon     6:30-7:25pm

Tues     3:45-4:40pm

Tues     5-5:55pm 

Thurs   5-5:55pm



Boys Only Gymnastics


Age as of Sept 1, 2022

Tues     4:00-4:55pm *5-9yr

Thurs   4:00-4:55pm *8yr & up


Tumbling Only Classes


*Tumbling 1      Wed     5:00-5:55pm

                                 Thur    7:15-8:10pm *Tumbling 2     Wed     6:00-6:55pm  

*Adv-10 & up     Mon    7:30-8:30pm

Women's Team (beginner)
Monday      7:30pm

Flip off Stuff & Obstacle Courses


Tues       7:00-7:55pm    8-11 yr

Thurs     6:00-6:55pm   5-8 yr

Thurs     7:00-7:55pm   9yrs & up

*Tumbling 1-Must have a backbend from a stand and be able to kick over

*Tumbling 2-Must have Round Off Back Handspring. Focus is for cheer/dance Tumbling

*Tumbling Advanced-must have Round Off Back Handspring *10-18 yr

1st grade & up - Girls Only
6yrs & up *Age as of Sept 1, 2022

Gymnastics 1


Mon    4:00-4:55pm

Mon     5:00-5:55pm

Tues    6:00-6:55pm

Tues    6:10-7:05pm

Wed    4:00-4:55pm

Wed    5:00-5:55pm

Thur   4:00-4:55pm

Gymnastics 2


Mon     6:00-6:55pm

Tues     4:00-4:55pm

Tues     5:15-6:10pm

Wed      6:00-6:55pm

Thrs     5:00-5:55pm

Gymnastics 3


Mon     7:15-8:10pm

Tues    4:15-5:10pm

Family Discounts

Student #                              Class #1                     Class #2                     Class #3 & on

Student #1                        no discount          20% discount               40% discount

Student #2                        20% discount        30% discount               40% discount

Student #3 (&more)     30% discount       40% discount               40% discount

*2 week notice in writing must be given to drop your gymnastics class and stop billing. Refunds are never given but credits will stay on accounts for 1 full year to be used for future tuition. 

 Credit/Debit cards on file will be charged for all unpaid balances on the 1st of each month.

Prices reflect a 4%Cash/Check discount. Tuition is 4% higher if Credit Card is Processed

$15 Late fee is added to all accounts with past due balances the day after their tuition due date .

You must fully check out in parent portal and pay the yearly registration fee to secure your class. This fee is due each year at the same time.


If the class you want is full or closed, ADD your name to that class wait list through the parent portal online registration. Classes that get 3 on the wait list will receive an additional coach and will then open up for your child.

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